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Innovative furnishing solutions

100% aluminum
furnishing solutions

Expertise, technology and creativity are the winning features that have allowed our company to establish itself as a key partner of the main players of the furniture industry, in Italy and abroad.

For over 25 years we have dedicated ourselves to creating innovative furnishing solutions. Our goal is to shape the future of furniture design and increase the usability of spaces in offices and domestic environments around the world.


Atim S.p.A. was born in 1996 from Stefano del Preteʼs idea to create a solidcompany able to supply and support the furniture industry, a company based on all the quality and reliability of a production Made in Italy.

Our ideas are born in our factory plant, located just outside Milan, the beating heart of the Italian design. They are the result of a deep knowledge of the materials and the constant collaboration with various players of the furniture production process.

We develop and produce 100% aluminum furnishing solutions, patented, with high technological performances and aesthetic elegance. Our systems are created to asnwer to todayʼs main furniture trends and to anticipate those to come.


Made in Italy
A synonym of the passion and seriousness that we employ to ensure the highest quality. Atimʼs production is 100% Made in Italy, from the raw material to its elaboration and production in our headquarters at the outsquirts of Milan.
Versatility Characteristic of the material we use (aluminum), of the furnishing systems we create, and also of the service we offer and the strong relationship we establish with our customers and collaboratores, based on availability and trust.

We are constantly evolving, always innovating so as to anticipate the future of domestic and business environmentsg with creative ideas that combine technology and aesthetic. The same concept is reflected in each of our creations: patented systems and mechanisms that give movement to the furniture and optimize the use of space.

Atim products are designed, developed and manufactured thanks to the creativity and skills of our R&D department, as well as the collaboration with architects and designers. Our catalog is made up of patented systems and every year we launch innovative furnishing solutions updated to the evolving trends of the global market.

Research and Development
Innovation and research play a central role in our business development. Thanks to our internal Research & Development Center and the collaboration with designers and architects, we conduct a constant process of production innovation which allows Atim to position itself among leading companies in the world.

World leadership in systems for extendable and pull-out tables. Numerous patented products: table guides, transformable furniture systems, sliding door mechanisms and much more.


Catas – Guarantee of the highest quality
Atim products undergo the CATAS tests, which evaluate the safety, resistance and durability of products in accordance with national, European and international technical standards.