DEEPE Marketing Corporation (DMC) is a marketing company formed by individuals committed to helping customers and end-users find the right products that can meet applications in the kitchen and furniture industries as well as in sophisticated interior design for buildings.

Our combined expertise in dealing with numerous engineering and industrial products gives us strong confidence that we can provide our customers with the best products to help promote innovative approaches in the above-mentioned industries.

Our principals are very reputable companies who adhere to high International Quality Standards duly accredited by their respective governments. DMC represents some of the most respected brands, either on an exclusive basis or as authorized distributor, in the Philippine market.

  • PRODUCT PROFILE:Kitchen Hardware and Fittings
    Wardrobe Components & Accessories
    Furniture Hardware and Fittings
    Kitchen, Furniture, and Interior Design SoftwareBRANDS SUPPLIED with Exclusive distributorship:

    1.) BLUM Hardware  & Fittings                                                          Austria                          www.blum.com
    2.) ITALIANA FERRAMENTA Fittings & Accessories                     Italy                               www.italianaferramenta.com
    3.) AMBOS Wardrobe Fittings & Accessories                                 Italy                               www.ambos.it
    4.) IMOS Interior Design Software                                                    Germany                       www.imos3d.com

    BRANDS SUPPLIED with Authorized distributorship:

    1.) AGOFORM Kitchen Non-Skid Mattings                                       Germany                        www.agoform.de
    2.) ATIM (TRANSFORMABLES) Kitchen Components                   Italy                                 www.atimspa.com
    3.) EFFEGIBREVETTI Wardrobe Coplanar Door System                Italy                                 www.effegibrevetti.it
    4.) WESCO Waste bins                                                                        Germany                         www.wesco.de

    With the advent of the new millennium, DMC has positioned itself in sharing its resources and technical skills towards the improvement of the furniture industry and interior design in the country. Towards this end, it has established a warehouse and showroom at No. 13 Bonifacio Drive, Pasong Tamo, Quezon City.