About Italiana Ferramenta

ITALIANA FERRAMENTA is specialized in the production of high quality accessories and ironmongery for the furniture industry. Thanks to its flexible and dynamic structure, ITALIANA FERRAMENTA can be considered by its customers as a qualified partner able to suggest valid solutions to the problems of furniture assembly.

Its modern planning departments are characterized by a constant research of new and innovative solutions, which prove to be long-lasting and which create additional value when applicated by customers.

Thanks to the use of advanced computer technology, the search for new materials, the creation of prototypes, innovative ideas and high quality control, ITALIANA FERRAMENTA can propose to its customers a specific product range, which gives them the opportunity to be competitive in a unique and exclusive way.

Research and development investments are the most important aspect in the activity of ITALIANA FERRAMENTA and they reflect its aim to guarantee to its customers the possibility of using products that have an important characteristic: diversity.

The remarkable items availability in stock and the flexibility of its commercial departments are the guarantee of high standard customer service, which can assure fast and accurate delivery times. The professionalism and experience of the employees responsible for the research, consultancy, logistics and sales are essential values as a result of the vocational training given.

ITALIANA FERRAMENTA technical backroom team spends most of its time looking for new answers to knotty problems. In particular they look for answers that will enable the furniture manufacturer to reduce his stock of components and spares.

A problem which affects all furniture manufacturers to a greater or lesser degree is minimising damage during the transport of pre-assembled furniture, where a loose shelf inside a cabinet or frame can do untold damage.

For this reason ITALIANA FERRAMENTA has designed a special compartmentalised shelf carrier that eliminates damage to shelves and furniture fronts during transport.