LIBRA BS is the innovative hanging system for suspended kitchen base units which require big capacity load as well as bumping loads.
LIBRA BS offers the customer the possibility to several hanging points on the wall, so that the load on every single wall plug is sensibly reduced, thus minimizing the risk of coming out of the wall.
A higher security standard is also guaranteed by the robustness of the wall bar, which, thanks to its thickness, gives the construction the highest stability thanks to its large supporting surface.
From a security point of view, the placement of the fixing holes to the wall has been optimized.
LIBRA BS is easily adjustable in vertical and in depth even when the base unit is already fixed to the wall.
To further improve the safety of LIBRA BS, the in-depth adjustment automatically activates the anti-turnover device.
LIBRA BS is the ideal system for very high loads, even with very deep constructions and particularly large and heavy drawers.