ATACAMA J is the new leveller to align heavy duty wardrobes, bookcases and modular furniture with a connecting system built into.
Suitable for 60mm plinths. It is fixed on the furniture bottom through two housings, in order to provide an easier
and more stable installation.

The ATACAMA J installation is very easy thanks to a M6 pin that can be screwed into an insert nut inserted in the furniture side.
A lateral pin slots into the furniture side to achieve a structural connection, as well as an equal load distribution over the furniture side and base.
Finally, two screws secure Atacama J to the furniture bottom.

By using a rounded key with hexagonal bit or a cordless driver-drill with an appropriate drill bit, a Ø 8 mm through hole in the furniture bottom,
allows you to connect the bottom to the side first and then, by lowering the hexagonal bit of the key,
to adjust the height of the construction without interfering with the side connection.
The zinc alloy die-cast foot, is provided with an indipendent engineering plastic glide in order to make the adjustment easier and
to prevent the scratching of the floor too.
Capable of supporting a 175 kg load each.
25 mm adjustment.

Zinc alloy, Steel and Engineering plastic.