LINK is the freshly-designed drop-down opening system conceived by Italiana Ferramenta.
LINK is an unhanded mechanism for cabinet sides, the only one on the market that guarantees both a smooth opening
and a soft closing movement of the door.
Installation is carried out through very simple drilling operations that don’t require neither mills nor grooves.
A complete range suits all the doors weights and dimensions.

LINK is suitable for very shallow cabinets with a minimum depth of 200 mm.
Very simple installation, once the mechanism is fixed on the side, the metal rope end is pulled out and the small sphere
inserted into the narrow slot of the door bracket. The sphere catches into the bayonet cavity and is permanently secured
in position with the provided cover cap.
Opening angle adjustment is carried out by using an S3 allen wrench, for nearby doors alignment.
The zinc alloy nickel plated mechanism cover, as well as the door bracket, can be supplied painted on request.
All the parts are in steel, zinc alloy nickel-plated and engineering plastic.