AVENTOS HK-XS for Woodbased Fronts

  • Cabinet height KH 240–600 mm
  • Internal cabinet depth LT min. 125 mm(100 mm)
  • Closes silently and effortlessly in conjunction with CLIP top BLUMOTION hinges
  • TIP-ON for handle-less stay lifts with CLIP top unsprung hinges
  • Light operating forces
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Perfect motion with a variable stop


HKXS11.2560.WF – CCHxCCW: 250mm x 600mm
HKXS1111.2590.WF – CCHxCCW: 250mm x 900mm
HKXS1111.25120.WF – CCHxCCW: 250mm x 1200mm

HKXS13.3660.WF – CCHxCCW: 360mm x 600mm
HKXS1113.3690.WF – CCHxCCW: 360mm x 900mm
HKXS1313.36120.WF – CCHxCCW: 360mm x 1200mm

HKXS13.3760.WF – CCHxCCW: 375mm x 600mm
HKXS1113.3790.WF – CCHxCCW: 375mm x 900mm
HKXS1313.37120.WF – CCHxCCW: 375mm x 1200mm

HKXS1313.5060.WF – CCHxCCW: 500mm x 600mm
HKXS1515.5090.WF – CCHxCCW: 500mm x 900mm

HKXS1515.6060.WF – CCHxCCW: 600mm x 600mm

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