AVENTOS HL for Woodbased Fronts

  • Well-suited to small-area, single fronts
  • Cabinet height KH 300–580 mm
  • Cabinet width KB up to 1800mm
  • Silent and effortless closing, thanks to BLUMOTION
  • Light operating forces
  • Variable stop
  • Tool-free assembly
  • 3-dimensional front adjustment of both fronts
  • Simple, infinitely variable lift mechanism


HL2335.3660.WF – CCHxCCW: 360mm x 600mm
HL2535.3690.WF – CHxCCW: 360mm x 900mm
HL2535.36120.WF – CCHxCCW: 360mm x 1200mm

HL2335.3760.WF – CCHxCCW: 375mm x 600mm
HL2535.3790.WF – CCHxCCW: 375mm x 900mm
HL2535.37120.WF – CCHxCCW: 375mm x 1200mm

HL2335.3960.WF – CCHxCCW: 390mm x 600mm
HL2535.3990.WF – CCHxCCW: 390mm x 900mm
HL2535.39120.WF – CCHxCCW: 390mm x 1200mm

HL2538.5060.WF – CCHxCCW: 500mm x 600mm
HL2738.5090.WF – CCHxCCW: 500mm x 900mm
HL2738.50120.WF – CCHxCCW: 500mm x 1200mm

HL2539.5760.WF – CCHxCCW: 576mm x 600mm
HL2739.5790.WF – CCHxCCW: 576mm x 900mm
HL2939.57120.WF – CCHxCCW: 576mm x 1200mm

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