I7CH Legrabox Free
Inner Pull-out Drawer with High Design Element
  • Large side design element
  • Inner pull-out with a high design element
  • Slim drawer side 12.8 mm
  • Straight interior and exterior
  • Synchronised feather-light glide
  • Steel drawer side and stainless steel Tool-free front assembly Three-dimensional front adjustment in the drawer side
  • Includes integrated BLUMOTION for silent and effortless closing action, can be combined with SERVO-DRIVE
  • Alternatively, with TIP-ON/TIP-ON BLUMOTION function for handle-less fronts

Ordering codes:

I7CH40B45OG/SW – 40kgs dynamic load for CCW 450mm, Orion Grey/Silk White

I7CH40B60OG/SW – 40kgs dynamic load for CCW 600mm, Orion Grey/Silk White

I7CH70B90OG/SW – 70kgs dynamic load for CCW 900mm, Orion Grey/Silk White

I7CH70B120OG/SW – 70kgs dynamic load for CCW 1200mm, Orion Grey/Silk White

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