Movento with Integrated Blumotion
    • Concealed full extension with integrated BLUMOTION for silent and effortless closing action
    • Synchronised feather-light glide
    • BLUMATIC self closing feature
    • Tool-free side, height, and tilt adjustment
    • Optional tool-free depth adjustment
    • Built-in width and depth tolerance compensation
    • Suitable for use with SERVO-DRIVE — the electrical opening support system


    M760H300B – MOVENTO, 300mm Full extension, 40kgs.
    M760H350B – MOVENTO, 350mm Full extension, 40kgs.
    M760H400B – MOVENTO, 400mm Full extension, 40kgs.
    M760H450B – MOVENTO, 450mm Full extension, 40kgs.
    M760H500B – MOVENTO, 500mm Full extension, 40kgs.
    M760H550B – MOVENTO, 550mm Full extension, 40kgs.

    M766H500B – MOVENTO, 500mm Full extension, 60kgs.
    M766H550B – MOVENTO, 550mm Full extension, 60kgs.
    M766H600B – MOVENTO, 600mm Full extension, 60kgs.
    M766H650B – MOVENTO, 650mm Full extension, 60kgs.
    M766H700B – MOVENTO, 700mm Full extension, 60kgs.
    M766H750B – MOVENTO, 750mm Full extension, 60kgs.

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