LIBRA H4 – CC1 Cabinet Hanger

LIBRA H4 is the cabinet hanger with 3 pins + hole for fixing to the cabinet top, available in right-handed and left-handed version.
LIBRA H4 is to be used only on those cabinets where the top panel is flushing with the back panel.


1 pc. – 63420200ZN – LIBRA H4 hanger w/3 dowels ø10 – right
1 pc. – 63420210ZN – LIBRA H4 hanger w/3 dowels ø10 – left
2 pcs. – 63450020ZN – WP2 wall plate Zk
2 pcs. – 63461010AB – Oval cover cap CC1 f. LIBRA ø12mm plastic, white
6 pcs. – 60101410ZN – Chipboard screw countersunk ø3.5 x 20mm Zk
4 pcs. – 61106020IA – Rawplug SX ø8 L40 grey
4 pcs. – 60103550ZN – Pan head screw ø5 x 50mm Zk

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